IF BY TOMORROW - a Poem by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju

so if by tomorrow you do not find me here.  do not start sudden solos.
sobs. or sighs
strung for exiled sons. do not my name squeeze into the sympathy of subtle snakes. or
vain seekers.
i must have gone yes and yearning into yesterday. and by dawn return rolling down the sun.
i must have raptured the sky for tufts. of coy clouds.
rains and rich rainbows.
smudging scars. solitudes. silhouettes. and making magic.
i must have crept. soul and slither.
into calm cadence.
my soul stretching into strings. signing

storms into celebration. 
Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju is a graduate of English and Yoruba languages. He is a passionate teacher. His passion for poetry is fueled by the desire to heal—to etch a voice for the silence in the world—to make poetry a delight! His kinds of poems are majored on politics, love, motivations, abstractions, luminaries, selfhood and womanhood.           He is inspired by Poets like Niyi Osundare, Phunso Oris, Brigitte Poirson, Kukogho Samson, Aremu…

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