31 Days of Poetry - Day 28 - CAN WE BE EQUAL? - by Emmanuel Faith

(... HIS POEM ...)

Can she spill sparky sperm in billions? Or make semen march in millions? Can his zest zap zygote till foetus? Bouncing boy with boisterous features?
Can he feed with teats and udder? Can they swap role of each other Can he alter her synthesis? To fit into his quotidian praxis?
Can we cut short assiduous assault? Molestation in meagre and mammoth Can we give her a voice, the voiceless? Can she be ferociously fearless?
Can we halt heinous hegemony? Of patriotic patriarchal ruining matrimony Can she use the skills in the kitchen? To impact, impart and flourish in teaching
Can the pillar of the home Who curbs dangerous daggers that roam? Be given a space in the state To wipe off machos’ and such slate
Can Eve’s dazzling dauntless daughters Be let loose like running waters That flourishes trees by the rivers And calm His fears, when he shivers
Can Equality equate equity?

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