It’s not that Seyi does not have the courage to quit the relationship. His fears are what his Church members, family, and friends would say. He broke up with his last fiancée on the issue of trust, and he wonders what they will say again if they hear why he wants to break up with Adaora.

Instinctively, Seyi picked Adaora’s Nokia N70 phone. The first page he usually opens is her new pictures, but this time, he went straight to the call log. And there he found the last number. Not surprisingly, it was not saved with any name.

“It’s either Adaora has memorized the man’s number or I was wrong today.” He thought as he decided to ignore the call log or SMS and just go to where her pictures were. He would have done that if the phone had not rung. And it was the same number!

Should he pick it or not? He thought for a while, but when he didn’t hear Adaora’s footsteps, he picked, just before the ringing ended.

“Hello darling.” The voice from the other end sounded. It obviously was a man, and the sound of the “darling” didn’t feel like just a friend at all. “You said you were going to call me back later. What’s going on?”

“Who is this?” Seyi asked, with his voice shaking. He doesn’t know if it was because of fear that he could be wrong about what he has been thinking or the jealousy raging towards another intruder into his love life.

“I should be asking you that question.” The voice roared back.

“I beg your pardon?” Seyi couldn’t hide his surprise. Just immediately he turned back and saw Adaora standing by the door to the kitchen. Yet he continued, this time with the highest tone of anger he could deliver. “Tell me who you are right now!”

“Who the hell are you? And why are you asking me that kind of a question. I am her boyfriend. And who are you to...”

Adaora grabbed the phone. Seyi was already fuming, but he is now used to controlling his anger and wouldn’t dare talk or act. The temptation of beating her up has cropped up many times they were arguing about this kind of issue, mostly because Seyi knows he has been proven right on the many occasions that Adaora claims, contrarily, that he was the one lying, and he doesn’t want to train himself to be among the wife beaters. The lady has disappointed him so many times that he feared if he ever over react someday he could kill her. He just stood still and watched her.

“Who was that?” The man at the other end asked Adaora.

“Oh, he’s my uncle. Please I will call you later.” She said and she hung the phone.

“Did you just say I’m your uncle?” By now Seyi had forgotten he is a pastor. He arose, moving with a demeanour as if to punch the air out of the young lady. But her voice kept him at bay.

“What do you want to do? You want to beat me? Go ahead and beat me! Beat me!”

“Who was that Adaora?” He asked again, wishing he could beat her up seriously.

“Who do you want to know? If I tell you he is just a friend would you believe? So what do you want to hear?”

Two things helped Seyi to avoid beating her up that evening: one, he is a pastor; and two, she was so bold to face him and that takes him off balance to think that he could be wrong.

Adaora kept fuming and talking for a while. Then she left for the bedroom. Seyi already knows how she behaves, so he didn’t bother to further discussion. He just went into the kitchen, finished up what she was cooking, served himself to dinner. And he also went to bed.

This morning, what Seyi was thinking about is different. He had gone for a marketing meeting with a prospective client on Saturday. And while he was convincing Kunle, the prospective client, to make his company hire his own company, he stepped on a butterfly...

“See, my girl friend has a friend in another company that could give us a better deal. You have to bring your fee down.”

“No, Kunle,” Seyi pleaded. “That is all my company could do. If you want the best company to serve you, employ us.”

They have been negotiating the deal for few weeks and they seem to get closer as if they were friends, especially when they sit in a restaurant like the one they were in now to talk. They were sitting beside each other and they really looked like friends, though they never knew each other until the business discussion started.

“Okay,” Kunle smiled. “I really want to give your company this job, Seyi, but it seems like you don’t see my view. Just in case you still want to hold on to your point, let me call my girl to book an appointment with the representative of the company she knows.”

Before Seyi could utter the word “No”, Kunle had already brought out his phone and was showing him while he was typing his girl friend’s number... Guess what: the number was Adaora’s!

He couldn’t be surer that it was Adaora’s number; he also doesn’t look for where he stores her number on his phone: he dials it of hand.

Yet he just took it, and allowed the two love birds to talk. They arranged for the appointment. And Seyi said goodbye to the man.


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