After changing from my secondary school in Ogun state to another one in Lagos in 1994, I stopped speaking in class for a long time. I mean, in the former school I was the sixth best student in the entire JSS1-2 and the best in my class; so moral was high (Hmm; I guess I don’t have to tell you why I stopped speaking in class. Do I?).

If I could remember well, the first time I spoke in class in the latter school (after an attempt when I first enrolled in her) was in my SSS3 when a teacher asked the class the meaning of ‘Green light’ and the whole class was looking like dummy. The man was shocked when I said, “It’s a sign a lady gives when she wants you to have an affair with her.” (Hope you will not mix this up with the dictionary meaning? Lol.)

He expressly said he never expected anyone to know the answer. Well, I read books and have seen that in James Hadley Chase books so many times. Similar things have happened in other places I’ve been to, when questions were asked and I was able to recall the answer from some books I’ve read, either religious or secular. Aside me, I’ve also had friends who have overcome issues in life, not only with their degrees or experience, but with the knowledge acquired from reading books.

So, wouldn’t you agree with me that readers are leaders? Wouldn’t you agree with me that for every book you read there is a value added to your life that gives you an edge over someone who doesn’t read as much as you do?

As part of the vision to encourage reading culture and inspire readers to give out to our community either through writing or encouraging other people to read, we hereby launch EGC Book Club (a product of Edimulo Global Concepts). The first phase has started in Badore-Lekki-Lagos. And we call on your support to register as a member of the club and collect books to read for free.

Please go through the list of our books on this blog to search books that pick your interest, or visit us at Office 7/8, Tunmigbe plaza, New Road Bus Stop, Badore, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos.

For enquiries please call: 07025723547, 07034198264.