Unarguably the most read book in EGC Book Club in the first quarter of year 2012, and beating Michael LeBeuf’s ‘The Perfect Business’ by ratio 1:4, ‘Blink’ is an interesting novel recommended for all and sundry to read:

Author: Ted Dekker
Publisher: West Bow Press
Year of publication: 2002
Number of Pages: 389
Category: Fiction

Set in two Countries, USA and Saudi Arabia, it brought two kinds of people together: Seth, a student whose IQ was considered to be higher than that of Albert Einstein, and Miriam, a Saudi princess who was about to be used as a Pawn in Saudi politics.

Though Seth was celebrated as a student who knew even more than his lecturers, he was never content with school. He felt a void in him but could not fathom it. Worse still, he began to see visions, yet he doesn’t believe in God. His path crossed Miriam, who fled Saudi to USA; to escape her politics induced forced marriage to a brute she couldn’t imagine herself to live with. When the Saudis sent some agents to either bring Miriam back home or kill her, it was Seth’s pre-cognitive ability that kept her alive. Yet, it all transformed into a battle to save both lives, when Seth began to lose his pre-cognitive powers. That was when they realised they needed a God to help them.

It’s a suspense novel full of betrayal, religious/cultural differences and similitude, and the search for a way out of the status quo... If you live around Lekki-Lagos, call 07034198264 to read for Free. If you live elsewhere, well, try getting a copy.