1. Christopher A. Bakare-Turning Promises To Fulfilment
  2. Dayo Lomuwagun-Understanding The Achievers’ Mentality
  3. David Olaniyi Oni-Fulfilling Your Destiny in Grand Style
  4. Dr. Sam Amaga-Why Die When You Can Live?
  5. E. A. Adeboye-20 Ingredients Of Greatness
  6. E. A. Adeboye-Your Tomorrow Will Be Alright
  7. Faith A. Oyedepo-Raising Godly Children
  8. Femi Ajayi-You Can Experience A Meaningful Youthfulness
  9. Femi Emmanuel-Breakthrough Boosters
  10. G. O. C. Umeaka-From Floor To The Roof Top
  11. Gbile Akanni-Pathway To Leadership
  12. George S. Clason-The Richest Man In Babylon
  13. Harry Lorayne-Secrets Of Mind Power
  14. Henry Agbebire-40 Simple Ways To Make Your Speech Lively And Persuasive
  15. John C. Maxwell-Leadership 101
  16. John C. Maxwell-Talent Is Never Enough
  17. John Hagee-The Seven Secrets
  18. Jom Rohn-7 Strategies For Wealth & Happiness
  19. Joyce Meyer-Enjoying Where You Are On The Way To Where You Are Going
  20. Kunle Lawrence-Positive Pathway To A Good Life
  21. Matthew Femi Adedoyin-Epistle of Sex
  22. Michael Leboeuf-The Perfect Business
  23. Moses U. Nnaekpe-Exceptionally Designed For Greatness
  24. Olumide Bisiriyu-Recovered Generation
  25. Pastor Bankie-Here On Purpose
  26. Pastor Bankie-Your Greatness Has Been Prepared
  27. Rob Sherman J. D.-Sherman’s 21 Laws Of Speaking
  28. Sam Adeyemi-Ideas Rule The World
  29. Sam Adeyemi-Multiply Your Success Lead
  30. Sam Adeyemi-The Second Revolution
  31. Samuel Olusegun Olubiyo-Journey To Wealth
  32. Sidney Newton Bremer Phd-How To Get What You Want
  33. Victor Adeyemi-Seeds Of Destiny

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