When I was growing up, we (rap lovers around and I) used to think KRS-One was the most formidable rapper ever. At other times we thought it was Notorious BIG or Tupac, probably because they were popular due to their feud then. But times change and things change. Recently I saw a statement online where Jay-Z was argued to be the greatest rapper of all time and Lil Wayne was downplayed for claiming he is the greatest; and I was like, “Back then Jay-Z was not even in the top five!” So I decided to make a survey.

In this survey I sampled 10 different online rankings of the greatest rappers of all time, and I’m using the poll to give you the most authentic ranking in the world as at September 2012. I bet this could even be the greatest ranking ever! Lol.


Number 9: ICE CUBE

Number 8: LIL WAYNE

Number 7: KRS ONE

Number 6: RAKIM
Number 5: EMINEM

Number 4: NOTORIOUS B.I.G.
Number 3: JAY Z
Number 2: NAS
Number 1: TUPAC

Yeah, I know you’d want to contest because your favourite rapper is not Number 1. But here is what I did: I checked 10 ranking sites and listed all top 10 in each. Some of the rankings used included (but not exclusive to) Most LyricalMost Overatted, Hip Hop 365MTV ranking, etc. Then I gave them scores in reverse, i.e., number 1 scores 10 marks while number 10 scores 1 mark. There are rappers like Dr Dre, LL Cool J, Snoop Dog, etc who appeared in some rankings but didn’t appear in others. But Numbers 7 to 1 in this ranking appeared in almost all the rankings. So wouldn’t you agree with me that Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time?