31 Days Of Poetry- Day 10- THE GOOD, THE CHEAT, AND THE PRODIGAL- by Faidat

-->The obedient child is a spoil sport
As he had obeyed me
So he would obey d devil
He obeys not for conviction
But for fear of punishment
And d secret desire
to inherit my wealth
D devil would av d same hold over him
If d table was turned
Shuah! How can one be a slave to fear!

The cunning child sure got me thinking
He ate d apple, and hung a replica
I came to d garden
And there he stood naked
Chop and clean mouth
The angels call him
Who will tell him dat we know
He will abide in Eden until,
d seasons expose his lies
D seasons will reveal d false apple
Then & only then could we
Confront him wth d truth
Before then, he would flourish in Eden

Yet the prodigal son is my favourite
He did not eat one apple,
He ate ten
Wow! Ds feels good father,
He told me as I approached him
Ds boy dd not care,
dat he stood naked before me
Am tired of d garden
He reported to me
As u go back and forth father
I want to do d same
Only let me av enough apples
To share wth friends
As u wish my dear
Is all I could say
To ds exciting creature
Before dawn, prodigal was gone
Who can be so adventurous?
Except a god!
I stay awake day and night
Waiting for his return
Where is my son?
Who has found my boy?
I know someday he'd be back
To worship me,
In absolute surrender

-->Faidat Yemi Adelabu has a background in Electronics Engineering. She writes spiritual poetry and hopes to emancipate her audience from religious slavery to the liberation of their souls through her works.


  1. Wow!! This is very soulful and spiritually deep. who shall deliver them from the sin of apple?


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