31 Days Of Poetry- Day 11- E BA MI KI WON- by Plumbline

Baba mi owon, I arrived Lagos safely
The bolekaja was on hand, waiting at the park to take me
Please tell my girl not to be mad at me and hate me
I had to leave without saying goodbye to her and the baby
Tell her that I did this because your health was failing
The hospital bills were high I had to find a way to raise it
By the way dad, I lost the address you gave me
Not good for your health, but still I have to say this
I got arrested for wandering there was no one to bail me
Had to part with all I had lest I be handed to the bailiff
If I had my day in court, I don’t think they would have jailed me
But I heard that people rot before the court heard their cases
Lagos is a nightmare; I need someone to wake me
There’s so much madness here and it really drives me crazy
I have to add this dad, even though it is sad
I don’t have a home, so it’s hard for you to mail me

Bami, I’m fed up of not being able to help out
I planned an honest life before but now I have to sell out
I’m picking up a fast lane even though you claim it’s hell-bound
It’s me against the world, making up for my set backs
We hired a bus today and picked some stupid passengers
Pounced on them like scavengers, I’m having my pound of flesh back
We packed a lot of cell phones enough to fill-up ten sacks
It was so exciting dad, even though it was my first time
We didn’t hurt anybody but I almost lost my temper
Punched a lady in the face, she was calling on God to help her
When I saw blood on her nose, initially I felt bad
But when I got my share, It got me longing for the next time
If her God really cared, let him give you your health back
My gun would have arrived by the time you get my letter
It’s automatic dad; it can fire more than ten rounds
It’s a hard knock life, but  better than being a beggar

This is my last letter dad, I’m writing from my cell
The only thing that’s certain is I’m nearer to my death
The last outing was bad; we lost some of our men
Some cops wound up dead a baby got shot in the head
Lead flying everywhere, hit my shoulder and my leg
I see my limbs emasculate and a greenish mould appear
They’d have to amputate, but that’s d least of my fears
They’d likely kill us all before our case is heard
Criminal trial is slow, so they speed it up by stealth
Yesterday was a friend’s turn; his life came to an end
They shot him by the corridor couldn’t even cry for help
We had an inmates’ fellowship, they allowed me to attend
I told God I was sorry for the wrongs I can’t amend
Please tell my siblings I wish them all the best
They should stay away from crime and be careful of their friends
They’ve come for me dad; I have to drop my pen.

Poet, Songwriter, Political Blogger and Hip Hop Rap/Spoken Word artist; Jeffery Jaiyeola Plumbline is regarded as the poet with fiery punch lines. 

He is a Regular Spoken Word performer at Taruwa, Lydia Sobogun’s Poetry/Open Mic event, with a fiery delivery that earned him the title ‘Taruwa Favourite’. He performs at Anthill, and hosts a Spoken Word event, Chill and Relax in Lagos, Nigeria. He was the runner-up at the recently held Naija Poetry Slam. His Poem, ‘E Ba Mi Ki Won’, is currently being aired on Nigerian Radio stations.


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