31 Days Of Poetry- Day 12- MY WORST BLOW JOB- by Yommy Bishop

I didn’t mean to do it
I’m shaking and my fist is clenching
I’m biting as my lips got swollen
My mind is racing & profusely I’m sweating
Excitement jerks inside as fear ejaculates outside
I didn’t mean to come this quick
But I kept hearing them calling
Making sure am not in any way stalling
I saw the surprise in her eyes
Looking at me strangely as I pray to the sky
Stream of memories flows to mind
Memories of the world which I became blind.

I didn’t mean to drop it
Not this quick, especially when I wish I could stop it.
I remember coming in from behind
Moving in slowly like a gentle man’s kite
Not in a rush, trying to be kind
But my music reached crescendo just in time
Lunching myself into the crowd
The situation is about to climax
As my soul is already taking into cloud.
When it’s coming down my face wears a frown
But I was told at the end lies my winning crown.
When it’s ending my spirit keeps bending
Going back to how I began my lonely journey
But now I’m asked to end it, taking along with me so many
My duty is to do the job of who sent me
The sect that made and the belief that bend me.

I didn’t mean to do it.
But I was told it will be my gate pass to glory
And only this act can make me holy.
Fighting a battle for my creator
Turning me into a blood sucking predator
My conscience sold out, waiting for me to blow out
Strapped around me are cans of explosives
Meant to run into the camp of the offensives
Killing Christians is our major agenda
And those not following the Islamic calendar.
Before now, I drop polythene in rowdy junctions
But now I’m meant to ram myself into their holy functions
This will be my last & worst blow job
Cus after this you will hear of me no more
I’m just a victim, out of the main stream
A pawn piece in the hand of the devil
Tell this to her grief as I take my leave
I didn’t meant for her to be bereaved
This is my worst blow job
An evil act we need to stop.

Preferring to write more than to perform on stage, Yommy Bishop is a Poet who loves to write with an Erotic touch. From afar, you might mistake him for a Casanova; but you will find out he is truly a preacher's son like he proclaims on getting closer.

He works as an Estate Surveyor on the streets of Lagos.


  1. Hmmm, climax,ejaculate, blow job...was wondering at first what ∂i̲̅s was all about. Was thinking don't Egc sensor their poems...now i realise ‎​, even the canal minded would want to read tru, mistaking it for an erotic poem but finds Jesus at it's tale end...lovely poem.

  2. hmmm... almost stopped reading after verse 1 but I decided to read from the end and discovered the bend... this is the unveiling of the mind of a suicide bomber....
    'I didn’t mean to come this quick' .... are you sure they dont mean it?.... great poem all the way.


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