31 Days Of Poetry- Day 13- A TRUE TALE- by Moses Gere

Life keep sounding me that I must live beneath my abilities.

I often become scared at points and wondered when God will answer
my old and current prayers, and even peoples prayers for me.

I have toiled in hard labour like all my life and now my body is fed up.

I've been bestowed with intellectually but exhausted of my resources
to maximise my potentials.

Am left in agony, in despair, in complication, in a dull world where
there's no arms to envelop you.

I had to turn comic to console my self.

If there were promises non is surfacing and if there is hope,
what tarries him for my rescue? Is it time? Time does not have my time
please hope forget about time.

And still in my gnashing I found a new word to fit in.


Moses Gere is a Nigerian Secondary School Certificate holder. He is an upcoming musician and a published poet. He resides in Jos Nigeria.