31 Days Of Poetry- Day 14- THE KING AND YOU SUNDAY- by Nelson Okwonna

it was a serendipitous morning (I love big words)
it wasn't like you asked for it
just minding your own business
behind the strawberry tree, in the cool shade of the trees
the flower has bloomed and the sweet smell of the nectar
rent the air
the diverging rays of the sun cast a glow around the fair luminous matter that was your skin

and you just sat there.
the setting wasn't bad at all
but not too good either for a lady to be sitting in
not alone and not in so solitary a corner
it was a weather that was made greater by company

so He strode along (the King I mean)
"dear lady" He whispered
"mind if I join you"
you would have preferred the sole company of your thoughts but then for courtesy.
He didn't take much time though
He spoke like He knew you from somewhere;
you never even remembered telling Him your name
the warmth of His presence was just refreshing
so you stayed and spoke with Him
it was a voluminous talk but in little time
no language was spoken

you asked, He explained
You cried, He soothed and cried too
they called from the balcony
you didn't hear
you were there with the King
His words were Life and you took it.
the gentle way He talked and His knowing looks
spoke a ton.
They said we need to know the Why of our Lives
you found the Who

then you heard the chirps of the bird all around
the sun had disappeared, the stone stool was suddenly cold
you looked around; the King was gone!

then the voice from the main house; impatient this time
they have been looking for you
sad gloom almost filled you at the loss of that presence
until you heard His voice
"I am here" He said

with joy, you turned around
thinking he was right behind the shade
but no one was there
again you heard "I am here"
the voice was as if it sprang from within
and indeed it did, "Now listen"
He said
"I wish to remain here with you"
and He did, never left again

many times the voice has dimmed
a times it was as if He slept off, He didn't
His was a voice that has brought meaning
brought hope and brought Life
A life you've called yours
A voice many heard, few heeded
A voice that makes all the difference
The Difference

An author, teacher, poet, pharmacist and management consultant. Nelson Okwonna is a driven young man that is committed to the ideals of truth and nation building.