31 Days Of Poetry- Day 15- I WANT SO MUCH MORE- by Oladayo

I here embark on a tour
The nook and crannies of me to explore
Searching for the gift ores
Buried deep inside my core

This demands a lot of labour
Extreme exertion till appearance of palor
But on yesterday, I must close the door
If I will witness tomorrow’s allure

Useless, it is when untapped and raw
Refining takes a tug of war
A rivalry of two laws
The rise of a lifetime rancour

Law of death with fleshly lust devours
The first on the scene when I was small
With time, conscience seared and bored
Compromising the gate of life's store

Law of spirit of life with zeal and fervour
Reminding of a hope of eternal splendor
Ad infinitum grandeur
Sealed all the deceptive sin pores
Where the devil drains the gifts God pours

Like iceberg far away from sea shore
Which men underestimate when they saw
Life's purpose far from consciousness shore
It's bulk underneath reality's floor
You need to dig deep for you to draw

Don’t advance at it with a crawl
If you run and fall
Get back up, and strive the more
All the pains you must endure
To take your part of purpose ice before it thaws

Engage the norm in a brawl
Addicted to God like sex for whores
Giving yourself to Him raw
In your dictionary delete 'enough!'

Keep shouting 'encore!'
Don’t stop! Give me more!
Not yet satisfied, I want so much more!
Till purpose pregnancy bulge as a tumor.

Oladayo Afolabi is a young man running with a passion to bring out the best in men for global impact. He is a Nurse by training, a lecturer by appointment, a thinker 'by hobby', a poet, writer and speaker by gifting and a singer by calling. He was a nominee in The future Awards (excellence in public service category) in year 2010. He currently lectures in the Department of Nursing, University of Maiduguri.


  1. Nice one brother

  2. Nice..."I here embark on a tour
    The nook and crannies of me to explore
    Searching for the gift ores
    Buried deep inside my core"...There's so much more untapped strength within the confines of our spirit and as we strive for more; we gain access and empowerment to win this seeming endless battle between our flesh and spirit. Keep writing dear!

    1. thanks dearie... now u understand it right? I am happy.


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