31 Days Of Poetry- Day 19- OUR MANDATE- by Paul Okunola

We gave him our mandate
To run the state
At a steady rate
Because we thought he has the weight
To change our fate
And make us great

Now we wait to be great
With nothing in our plate
For he had closed his gate
And treat us with hate
Because we are no more his mate

But let him know before it's late
That for him do we wait
Till that date
When we shall again be mate
And he begging for our mandate

Oku-ola Paul Abiola, whose birthday is always 18th October, is an Engineer turned poet. His works have appeared on various journals and anthology both online and printed. He clinched the second position at the first uMthwakazi review poetry competition 2012 with this poem 'OUR MANDATE'.


  1. umm, short and lovely. May the Lord save us from our corrupt leaders

  2. comically penned.


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