31 Days Of Poetry- Day 2- THE GREAT CON- by Myne Whitman

-->I got to know a stranger
When he beeped my pager
We later had a merger
And he took over the ledger
Didn’t know he was a forger
A talented artful dodger

Couldn’t believe what he’d done
Until after he had gone
I was the victim of a con
And it was time to mourn
He might now be on the run
But I swear he has not won

Then I got a tip-off call
He was seen with a new doll
I had taken a bad fall
And he was having a ball
I visited him with a carry-all
Shot him in the front hall.

-->Myne Whitman is a pseudonym. She is a Nigerian author, blogger and publisher who lives abroad but her presence is greatly felt in the Nigerian literary circles. Her debut novel, ‘A Heart to Mend’, was self-published in 2009. Now she has two books in print and works to use new and social media to promote aspiring writers, Nigerian books and reading. Find more of her work  here.


  1. Mehn! I no know say Myne sef get this thing inside like this. haha. I loved every bit of it. lol. Weldone, ma.

    - LDP

    PS: Oga mi sir, congrats once again o. Oluwa a mu yin duro o.

  2. Thanks for the feature EGC,

    And thanks Samuel, LOL...


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