31 Days Of Poetry- Day 20- HERO- by Su'eddie Agema

Is it right that we who are so small
accept to fall
when we ought to stand tall?
My heart - Lull...

The caresses of complacency
stroke me gently
its own currency
stimulating me to deceptive docility

I am given stale bread
for my stupid silence
you are fully dressed in holes and red
answering forever’s call in muteness

I should have stood for you
King of the exceptional few
but I am no hero: ten mouths call more to feed
so I lie with the crumbs, praising and mourning you.

Su’eddie Vershima Agema is a writer and publisher who lives in Abuja and Makurdi. He is a development, literary and cultural enthusiast who has a web presence and blogs Here. 'He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors (Benue State) and Team Leader, SEVHAGE, a literary promoting organization, In addition to other literary pursuits, Vershima Agema has a poetry collections BRING OUR CASKET HOME


  1. ''"So i lie with the crumbs,praising and mourning you" Just makes me sigh in great sadness and helplessness...what more oh hero? for that is indeed what you are.

  2. Wow! This looks good. Was facilitating at a workshop yesterday and the moderator said my presentation was impressively as short as a boy's short knicker... :) Maybe, this poem is too. Nice one. Well done Olumide.

  3. short as a boy's knicker, lol


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