31 Days Of Poetry- Day 21- I SAW WHAT I SAW- by Ovie Cross

I was taken up the mountain for to see
And I saw plenty of open sea
Some thousand feet deep in level
A mystery too deep to unravel

As I stood upon the sand of the beach
I saw a beast coming out with a breach
Raging ferociously
And speaking treacherously

As I turned toward east
Rising again is yet another beast
Having many heads and many horns
Sharp and piercing as of thorns

As I stared at this amazing wonder
A voice clapped as of great thunder
Saying hurt not them in white
Before God their ways are right

I listened to the first beast speech
With voice strung and tuned to pitch
‘If my reach exceeds my grasp
For air I’ll never gasp’

There appeared another sign
A throne grand and design
Attended by hosts of creatures
Readily prepared for the raptors

Descending from the heavenly high
Men mourned gravely with a sigh
At the sight of Him that sat therein
For judgment He was to reign

I saw a group of harpers harping
Inspiration of all inspired preaching
Singing the testimony of Jesus
Altogether in a formidable nexus

When we get to the river Jordan
We will hold hands each of us
When we cross the river Jordan
We will lift our hands all of us

We will stand upon mount Gerizim
And behold the gates of Zion
We will sing of the sacred hymn
And enter through to Zion

I saw what I saw
Such a horror so raw
Fascinated me beyond measure
Such my mind will forever treasure

    This story is not a parable
Fools will consider it a fable
These words are written and sealed
Let everyone consider and take heed


Ovie Cross C. Was Born Over Two Decades Ago In The West Coast Of The Lower Niger. He Presently Resides In Lagos. His Books Were Published In 2004 And 2008 Respectively Under The Titles ‘Taking An Uncompromising Stand On Life’s Pursuit’ And ‘Begin The Rush Before The Rush Begins’. In March 2011 His Poems Were Published By Korea-Nigeria Cross Cultural Poetry Anthology. In 2006 As Part Of History Trailing His Path Of Destiny, He In Conjunction With His Friends Floated The Only Campus Magazine in his school (Lex Premiere Magazine). Ovie Cross Is The CEO Of REDBRICKS NIGERIA. Ovie Is At The Frontline Of Leadership While Tailoring The Pace.