31 Days Of Poetry- Day 22- ACTION- by Nini Efem

...hmmm, that's how love is supposed to be,

Love is a verb, best served in action,
Positive reaction is what we get when we set our hearts in the same direction,
Perfection is the love Jesus gave to His people, and it's simple,
Sending ripples through our heads to our souls,
Filling the hole where love has licked out,
From North down south, causing hate to create in life,
Ill-fate to humanity, insanity, insensitivity,
Insecurity everywhere,
Bring back the purity, the sensitivity, the security, the reality of love
To the earth we were birth,
From Adam and Eve, I receive God's love,
I conceive real ideas, I achieve my dreams,
I perceive things, I see vision, I get direction,
I take action,
I'm a creation of a fusion of sand,
Take my hand, let us stand,
In this land, as we walk the walk,
And talk the talk to solve the issue of love,
From above, God has sent a dove
As bright as the sky to bring peace, bliss
That won't cease, that cost no fees,
Brother give me a kiss,
Sister your love I so much miss,
Let the killing cease, restore the peace please,
Cause love is A Verb,
A word of action, with passion,
Bringing satisfaction, like a herb that heals and not kills,
Let's not just talk about it,
Do something about it...


Nini Efem is a poet, a spoken word artist, a lover of nature and art, a dressmaker, a social worker, a song writer, a soul singer, but she prefers to be called a diva... creative to the core, you could also describe her as “a Jack of all trade and master of some.”