31 Days Of Poetry- Day 23- I CAN HEAR A SONG- by Enigmatic Olumide

Sounds of despair beats like bata
Making me want to dance till I exhaust my steps
But I can hear a song

I’ve been down in the valley of hustling
My boss screaming ‘get the job done’
And my wife screaming ‘get the money home’
Even the little baby wants so much cuddling
But how else could a father stay at home
When he knows after the cuddling comes the feeding
Hey baby don’t take this so hard
Daddy could be gone in the morning
But he will surely come back at night
To cuddle you up- even if you were asleep
So give papa a hug when you see him in the morning
You may never know the amount of stress he went through
Yet he went through all these just to get the money home
I can hear a song

The hustling and bustling of life is so annoying
The police screaming looking for whom to apprehend
I’m not a criminal but I wonder why they arrest me
Only to realize what they want is my money
Hey government if you’re listening let this sink into your hearing
I didn’t vote you in just because you speak English
I vote you in hoping that someday you’d liberate me from this suffering
If however what you liberate is your pocket
Then be sure I’d turn my back on you when I get to Zion
I can hear a song

Yes! I can hear a song
When I stepped into the church and saw the pastor dancing to the tunes of the choir
He never had money in his pocket yet he got fed by the ravens in the sky
Building an empire unto God with men thinking he has all the world
Not knowing he was just a mere man like you and me in reasoning
Show me a place where men find peace in the midst of chaos
And with my eyes closed I will point your way to Zion
The place of refuge where sins are forgiven
The place where after all is said and done
I can still burst out through the door and say to my folks
I can hear a song

Could it be the song of Zion?
Or could it just be the song of hope?
If the song I hear is the song of liberty
Then I’d be glad to forget myself in the arms of my angels
I can hear a song.

    Enigmatic Olumide Bisiriyu has been writing Poetry since 1999. So far he has written over one thousand poems, some of which has been shared in some student/religious journals. His poems can also be seen on facebook.com,  Poemhunter.com, and Enigmatic blog. He started performance poetry while in school, at a Redeemed Christian Fellowship conference, in year 2004. Little wonder he has performed more of Christian/faith based/inspirational poetry than secular poetry. He has performed at events such as Celebrity Read, Chill n Relax, Word Up, book presentation of ‘If Yu Hie Se A De Prizin’, ‘Epistle of Sex’, ‘Echoes in the Web’, etc. He has also performed at Impact Summit, Royal Summit, African Praise festival, various RCCG parishes, Foursquare church, Baptist church, Adventist Church, etc. In 2011, he was a founding member of a poetry group who performs in churches under an umbrella called CODE. He also goes on an annual Poetry Tour of Churches; an event organized by Eternal Order ministries- a network he coordinates.
    Olumide also writes fiction and acts drama. He was the first NYSC member to publish a book in north-west Nigeria and the second member in entire northern Nigeria. He is the CEO of EGC, a company he formed to participate in the promotion of the works of fellow creative people. Aside creativity, he works in the real Estate field. To find more about him please visit www.denigmatic.net


  1. " Show me a place where men find peace in the midst of chaos
    And with my eyes closed I will point your way to Zion" geat!


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