31 Days Of Poetry- Day 25- CHAMPION INDEED- by LDP

Like a Lion in his territory
Roaring on the assurance of victory
All creature know that sound
Of a Champion long found
I am the child of the Lion of the tribe of Judah

No longer tamed by the fear of giants
To their teeth I have become defiant
I've learned to engage my fears in a brawl
With my maker on my side, I'd give it to them RAW
In my vocabulary, I've removed two words 'Give up!"

My new found motto is 'encore'
I won't stop until I conquer more
I won't be satisfied with less
Through Christ, I can flex
By the blood and the words of my testimony

My weapons of war are not carnal
Even though I walk through canals
With God, I can make the future
I just have to adopt the right posture
Of an already victorious warrior
With God, I am a champion indeed!


Samuel Ekundayo a.k.a. Le Dynamique Professeur (LDP) is an academic, life coach and motivator. He believes he is a commissioned encourager to this generation and the ones to come, to believe they can achieve whatever they set their minds to achieve. He publishes regularly on several platforms all over the internet weekly. His blog, Le Dynamique Professeur attract thousands of visitors worldwide every week. He emerged as the Most Inspiring Blogger in the Nigerian Blog Awards 2010. He was also an International Toastmasters Champion, Singapore 2008.

 He can also be seen on facebook.com, YouTube, Linkedin.