31 Days Of Poetry- Day 26- I AM- by SIN

I am the sore tale
 of a prematurely ruptured hymen,
 the bitter, aftermath taste of stale,
 of a lustfully decanted semen;
 I am the African child

 I am the last echoed note
of a sweet, faded song,
the empty-can's music you loathe,
the blank message of the rattling gong;
 I am an African child

I am the skeleton of a dead dream,
 the eclipsed flux of the moon's beam.
 I am the cadaver of addle visions,
 the remains of rotten aspirations;
I am the African child

 I am the special gift of the bowels of fate,
the best offering from penury's greatest estate.
 I am the fume of smoking factory chimneys,
 the chime of the poor beggar's pennies;
 I am the African child

 I am the content in the belly of the ashtray,
 the lesson of the corpse after decay.
 I am the uncultivated alluvial core,
 a virgin maid that's known no man ever before;
 I am an African child

I am the spot of the leopard,
a sheep straying without shepherd.
I am a candle-light, hidden under a bushel,
 an innovation trapped in ignorance’s cell;
 yea! I am the African child

Soonest I. Nathaniel (SIN) studied Maths and Computer Science @ Federal University of Technology Owerre (FUTO). He is a scientist who thinks Albert Einstein would have influenced the world better as an artist. He has been published in Sentinel Nigeria, ILUME (Portharcourt), Society of young Nigerian writers’ anthology, and many more national and international literary journals.
He is a very charismatic spoken word artiste, fast becoming a familiar face and a household name among the verbal word-art clans around Lagos. His anthology titled 'ECHOES' is soon to be published. His poems have fetched him awards such as 'Best poem for Nigeria @ 50(City Fm)' in 2010, Inaugural Winner of the  'FUTO writers award' in 2011, Winner 'loudthotz poem of the month' in June 2012
He also writes short stories, critical essays and a host of other literary genres.


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