31 Days Of Poetry- Day 28- MY PURPOSE- by Matthew Adedoyin

Worried about what the future holds
I walked alone through the jagged road
Against storms, waters and mighty winds
Just in search of life’s purpose
I left the borders of my fatherland
I dredged, but to no avail

Still in search of life’s purpose
I ventured into the engineering school
One year diploma in Computer engineering
Was able to provide daily bread
Yet purpose and fulfillment was not met
I dredged, but to no avail

I decided to move on into the future
Elated I was avouched into the “school of first choice”
Thought my life’s purpose is affiliated to school
Five years in school got me more confused
Purpose kept calling
I dredged, but to no avail

Purpose where hath thou?
Must I die searching for you?
Exultantly proud and joyful
Purpose surfaced in “Preaching” and “Writing”
Gift and calling laying in me before my formation
There I found my life’s purpose

Criticize me for all I care
I won’t stop preaching and writing
Though my ears are deaf to applause
And my eyes blind to ovation
Yet I receive them virtually everyday
For there I found my purpose.

 Matthew 'femi Adedoyin is a dynamic and prolific teacher, a strategist,orator and an astute writer. He is a trainer and a counselor. He is the operation officer of employment clinic and visionary of Maximum Impact Network, an organization passionate about raising a sex pure generation and raising productive and visionary leaders. Matthew speaks about issues on Chastity, Financial freedom, Self discovery and governance.

Also known as Abstinence Icon, Matthew is the author of "Epistle of Sex', a book about sexual purity. Click here to see more about him and his blog.