31 Days Of Poetry- Day 3- LITTLE DROPS -by Femi Falodun

"One by One, I gather
Swelling my well one drop at a time
In the wilderness called life
Oasis, unlike mirages, are hard to find.
But for the hunger that feeds me
Fueling my resolve to shine,
I would‘ve joined in solemn songs
Singing verses in the choir that whines
But my complaints die with the darkness
At dawn I rise. Anxiety declines.

Fears that followed me in ‘mares
Burden I bore like a dogged mare
Scrambling for dew when rivers dry
Sweating rains as shivers die.

Little by Little, I gather
Broadening my banks as time runs,
Battling boulders and boring rocks
So my stream would refresh unborn sons
For a day is but a visitor at best
A gift to man ushered in by the sun.
Forever is far. Only now I know
Bent over, toiling to get the deed done
Muscles rip, just so parched lips could sip
From this dirt-land will survival come.

Femi “Hephef” Falodun was born in Ibadan in the 80's, raised and schooled in Abeokuta, but now resides in Lagos where he does a 9-to-5. He is a graduate of biochemistry who loves lyricism in rap. He is a HipHop enthusiast, a music adventurer, a student of poetry, and a promoter of the arts. He is @hephef on Twitter where he comments on things that interest him.


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