31 Days Of Poetry- Day 30- AWESOME WONDER- by Ifetayo

I stand in awe of a divine being 
Who has the supreme power in His hands
Whose love is beyond human imagination 
Whose days no one can number
Whose worth no one can measure
Whose power is too great for human mind to comprehend
Whose greatness has no limit
Whose reign has no end

Watching your gallery, 
I am awestruck at your artistic skills
The arrangement of the stars reveals your creativity
The sky, the oceans, mountains, valleys
Are the wonderful displays of your craftmanship

A philanthropist you are
Always giving cheerfully to all
Life you gave to great and small
Water, air, rain, food, wisdom, love, peace you never deny us
Your gifts are too wonderful

Your medical prowess I cannot comprehend
You diagnose us without going to the laboratory
You listen to our heartbeats without the use of a stethoscope
The dead you gave life
What a great physician you are

I marvel at your patience
What you say we shouldn’t do is what we do
Looking at the works of your hands turning away from you
Attempting to prettify nature
Yet, you overlook and forgive

King of justice you are 
Always fair and just
Not partial in judgment
The humble you raise up
The proud you bring down 
Your standard never change

Ummmm, no word is good enough 
To tell how glorious, powerful,
Marvelous and faithful you are
You are awesome

 Ifetayo Abiola Elijah is a student of Kwara state polytechnic, studying public administration. She loves and has a great passion for creative writing. And she believes the entire world can change through functional literary pieces. She also believes writing makes her express her fear and creative imagination.


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