31 Days Of Poetry- Day 4- FAITH- by Stephen Adinoyi

Believe this divinity                                       
For a blissful eternity
I told you Christ
Is the first
In everything
A divine king
That every being must bowed
Him alone perfection is endowed

Your idol
Is no savior
They are the wiles of Satan
To stray every man
From following the sole master
Listen! Lest you run into disaster
Emmanuel is the way
Your protector everyday

Have you forgot
How we fought
When we built our church
In your so called evil forest
You thought we were doomed
But so soon
We proved your gods worthless
As Christ consumed all their powers of darkness
Didn’t we your infirmities healed
And your osu freed
Oh black man reason well
And save your self from hell

 Stephen Adinoyi is a poet, lyricist, play write, short story writer and scriptwriter. He was the immediate past vice chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Kaduna branch; and the chairman of the Kaduna writers League. His works have been published in several newspapers and magazines in Nigeria and abroad such as Fanstory, Triond, Associated content, writing .com, Bukisa,  etc. His works can also be found in anthology of poems such as ‘After The Curfew’.  ‘fireflies’ and a pigin collection called ‘IF YU HIE SE A DE PRIZIN’. He is a graduate of mass communication, a consultant in human resource development, print media and educational related services.


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