31 Days Of Poetry- Day 5- THE SAME CANE- by Atilola Moronfolu

That cute colleague across your cubicle
He's so attentive to you; it could only be a miracle
No one listens to you like he does
No one understands you like he does
The chemistry seems to grow stronger
The only problem is the band on his left finger

He woos you with the words of his mouth
You reminisce on them, it drives you south
'I love you so much, you know I do
I want to take you to the altar to say 'I do'
I no longer love my wife, she is so drab
We are no longer compatible, all she does is blab
But I have to shelter her like a green horn
She's pregnant with our second born
It's you I desire to spend my life with
Nights without you are like 'Angelina without Brad Pitt'

With a few lyrics of sweet nothings
You jump into the affair like it's a plaything
Ignoring the still small voice calling out
The cries of family and friends, you blackout

She begged you not to destroy her family
You asked her to deal with faith slimily

She is kicked out of her abode
You are ushered in, celebrity mode
Building your house on the foundation of another's tears
This is too good; you can't believe you ever nursed fears

Months later, reality visits your home
Spreads its root there like a rhizome
He keeps late nights out at the beer parlour
He treats you and your food with rancour
Strings of women at his beck and call
Did not visit when you were in labour or had a fall
He who was once your teddy bear
Has now turned to a grizzly bear
You cry all night, your tears refuse to dry
Just like you made the other woman cry
I guess you forgot the wise saying of life
The same cane used to beat the first wife,
Is hung at the entrance of the door, shiny as a knife
Carefully kept, to be used on the second wife

Atilola Moronfolu is a multi-faceted entrepreneur. She is a Writer, Editor, Neighbourhood Magazine publisher, spoken word artist, and popular writing blogger on Atilola Writes. She also edits books for fellow writers and bloggers and gets them ready for publishing. 
Graduating from University of Lagos at the age of 21, where she studied Computer Engineering, she started consulting with Pricewater house Coopers at a very young age.
Transiting from consulting into the literary world, she has made giant strides in a very short period. She is the author of Antonyms of a Mirage, the now popularly trending short stories collection in Nigeria, and is currently working on her second novel. When not writing, or editing books for other writers, she makes natural hair products for women, which she calls her kitchen business.


  1. WOW! HOW I CHERISH THIS POEM. Opa taa fi na iyale wa ni ori aja lati na iyawo tio ba ya.

  2. This is one of the most profound poems ever written.Believe me, i love this poem

  3. We should learn from the past mistakes

  4. One of the best I have yet read!


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