31 Days Of Poetry- Day 6- WHEN THINGS FELL APART-by Gen Adeyinka

When things fell apart
Then I met my rainbow play
Seven colors tickle star
Here I come to play
Hold my hands
Let’s make a lay
When things fell apart
Then I met my queen
Thousand miles beyond a Sky
Oh I wonder what a scar!
Hear my words
Let’s make a world
When things fell apart
Then I thought that ends my world
Little wonder I heard your voice
Like a clamor in the sky
Hold me close, feel my breathe
Tell me how much I mean to you
When things fell apart
Then I met my real parts
Little tad, hold my loins
Drift my bone, bridge my foils
soil my cloths, boil my soul
When things fell apart
Between thin walls I met myself
Lonely solely, I said to myself
Nothing happens without a reason
But, why this season things fell apart?
Until I met you I have no cue
Things fell apart because of you
If you is only thing I have
I’d rather be with you
Than the things that fell apart! 

Gen’ Adeyinka is an aphid reader and prolific writer of poems and Christian literature.  He uses his writings to tackle global crisis.  He is the author of the best selling book, ‘Finding The Missing Link’. Using his gift, he has vowed to continue strengthening relationships and marriages.


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