31 Days Of Poetry- Day 7- FREEDOM- by Ayodele Sunday

Like the whirlwind
Our minds unwind
From that that frozen state
That has held us captive in fate
A light flickered in our minds
And we realized we had been blind
The light in us became bright
And then we regained our sights
For we had groped in the dark
For so long that we thought life was black
Sound reason we lacked
So much that we moved with our backs
Now our veils are broken
By a serendipitous token
Caused by a new knowledge
We watched as folly fled
And our souls, once enchanted
Became fully liberated
We removed our shackles of ignorance
And refused to be limited by circumstance
No more ensnared by fright
We grew wings of courage and took flight
Our memories, once frozen in time
Have suddenly become alive
Alas we are free

Peter Sunday was born as Ayodele Peter Arowosegbe in 1986 in Southwest Nigeria. Growing up in a society that is always at conflict with itself, he developed a consciousness and imagination to express his ideas and perception of his environment. In 2006, he got a Diploma followed by a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Physics from Covenant University, one of the nation’s foremost religion-oriented universities. He is currently a journalist and a freelance writer of fiction. He has participated in several online literary forums and is a member of many literary societies. His works have been published in many local and foreign magazines including Inscribed (Canada). He lives in Akure, a quiet Southwest city not far from Lagos. He is a founding member of Litcaf Nigeria, a social project that aims to arouse intellectual awareness through arts and entertainment. He hosts the blog Ideology's Corner.


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