31 Days Of Poetry- Day 8- SHE COMPLETES ME- by Samuel Isong

If I was a plane
She is my wings and engines
Of what good am I
Without her
If I was the sky
She is the sun, moon and stars
For what good is the sky
Without these embodiment
She completes me...

If I was a song
She is my melody
If I was cold cold Moscow
She is the snow
If I was the sea
She is the river
If I was a gold
She is the heat that moulds me into shape
I am nothing without her...

If I was a boat
She is the paddle
That paddles me to shore
If I was a light
She is the candle
Upon which I burn
I need her to shine
She is mine
She compliments me

-->Samuel Isong is a native of Akwa Ibom State who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Lagos State University who could be regarded as your typical shy guy. Little wonder, his alter ego “missingthing” refers to his description as a ‘Behind the curtain” type of guy. He is a passionate lover of poetry who believes poetry is Soul to him.


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