31 Days Of Poetry- Day 17- IT'S OKAY TO CRY- by GT

Sometimes all you wanna do is cry,
Cos it seems like everything aint going right,
You're tired of fighting,
Or even doing the right thing,
Cos somehow it turns out wrong.

It's okay to cry,
Don't let nobody tell you no lie,
Let it all out,
After the storm,
Comes the calm.

Cry your heart out,
Take a deep breath,
And wear your best smile,
Cos we all face challenges,
But we must never succumb,
Or let them get the best of us,
Cos only then would we have lost,
Fight back,
Be strong for yourself,
And hope for a better day,
Cos it will surely come.

Tofarati (GT) is a writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He has two published collection of poems, ‘ORIKI (PRAISE POETRY)’ and ‘TOWN CRIER’, plus over fifty unpublished manuscripts. Aside poetry, he writes prose, screen plays and non-fiction.

GT, as he is fondly called, is a versatile entertainer who sings, raps, acts, comperes and organizes shows. He writes for Acada Magazine, Inside OOU, Laffmatazz, a host of others, and he is the online editor of Film Afrique. He is also the Chief Executive Entertainer (CEE) of Grand Tycoon Entertainment.


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