As 31 Days Of Poetry Ends... With Ndukwe Onuoha

So quick, so fast, we have come to the end of 31 Days of Poetry, 2012 edition. I would really say it is an eye opener to how much poetry is fast developing around the world, the challenges, and the opportunities; partly because I see the traffic of readers and discovered what ordinarily many people would not see.

There were upsides and downsides, but seriously 31 Days of Poetry (both 2011 and 2012 edition) was fun. I sincerely appreciate those who were with us all the way, worked with us in spotting ‘few things’, encouraging, and sharing the poems, i.e. Eriata Oribhabor, Chiedu Ifeozo, Moses Gere, Ifetayo Abiola, Gen Adeyinka, Matthew Adedoyin, Opeezy, Mrs Olumide, and so many others whom I will not be able to mention because of space. We also thank our frequent readers from Nigeria, USA, UK, Russia, Israel, Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland, and Malaysia. You all were the reason we did the 31 Days successfully.

To that person who deleted me as a contact on Blackberry because I broadcast poetry, I’ll only say “Poets are people with great mind, it only takes a great mind to appreciate them.”

I also want to appreciate the 31 Poets showcased and apologize to those whom we could not use their poems because they came after we have already passed 31 Poets limit. Sorry, if we use more than 31 it would not be called 31 Days of Poetry anymore.  

Permit me to leave you with a short piece from Ndukwe Onuoha; the Poet who describes himself as a copywriter by day and Poet by design. He has performed at some of Lagos' most acclaimed poetry events like Anthill 2.0, Chill and Relax, Taruwa, Word Up and Unchained Voices.

His poem goes thus...

Night has come
as quick as morn
But there's no need to mourn.
For the evening sun
is a shining star
to him who's life's begun.

So dry your eyes
Tis all but lies
that which this life denies.
These gloomy skies
shall shine as day
a blessing in disguise. 


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