Critique Forum: ONCE A HAPPY LIFE, a poem by Yomi Akinlaja

She stands at a corner shaking her backside
Everything she’s got is in her backpack
No one would ever notice she was once laid back
The reality of here has turned her into a waste bag
She is one of us... a victim of once happy life

Killing to him is now natural
He does it so well, his victims are now familiar
All he once aspire to be was a soldier
Now all he is a gun for hire
Yet another victim… Of once happy life

The ex-corper yet unemployed
After being under the sun and in the rain
The beggar on the street shouting “Allah ba musa”
The guy in green shirt soaking his sorrow in Red bull
We are all one… a victim of once a happy life.

We are victims, victims of once a life
A life where once 40kobo goes for a dollar
Where once a signboard is it’s boldly erected
All over hotels in foreign land.
We’ve all been turned into victims
Love is now a thing of the past
Truth no more resides in this part
Things has finally fell apart
Our stories we now sing in songs…
… that once, once we’re happy people here…

Yommy Akinlaja is budding writer who describes herself as a banker by day & whatever God wants her to be the rest of her time. She discovered pen and pad early in life & she's a great believer on what a mind can sometimes come up with, no wonder her favourite quote is 'cogito ego sum'... "I think therefore I live."


  1. Wonderful one. I didn't read to criticize, I read to be inspired.


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