LIFE AND DEATH: fiction by Tofarati GT (part two)

There was a popular bar very close to the main gate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) at Akoka, Yaba. The bar was called, MANYA SPOT, and it is at this bar that some of the notorious pimps, drug dealers, and cultists community of Yaba hang out.
This particular day was no exception, and there were a handful of tough looking guys drinking and smoking in the bar at about 1. O clock in the afternoon.
Just then a young man staggered in with blood all over his body. He collapsed unto a bar stool, and before anybody could reach him he gave up the ghost.
“Ahh....who do this thing? Dem don kill Vector.....ahh we must revenge,” the guys in the bar shouted, and before one could say EDUCATION, they had carried his corpse and marched straight into the campus.

Linda walked back into the room and found Dupe sitting very still on the bed like a zombie.
“Dupe I’ve spoken with my uncle, and he is going to be here very soon. But there is commotion happening on the campus right now o. Do you know that cult guy called Vector?”
“Yes, I know him. He was the one who took us out yesterday. Where is he?” Dupe shouted.
“He’s dead. They are carrying his dead body round campus right now,” Linda said.
“Ahhhh,” Dupe wailed. “I told you.....I’m sure they are coming after me next. Oh my God, I’m going to die today. Oh God, where can I hide,” Dupe cried hysterically.
“Dupe please calm down,” Linda said, trying very hard to hide the fear in her own voice.
Dupe hurried towards the wardrobe and attempted to get into it. She was unable to squeeze through and she ran under the table. “Can anybody see me here?” she asked Linda.
“Oh don’t be silly Dupe. My uncle should be here very soon,” Linda said, and even before she finished speaking, there was a knock on her door.
She rushed over to open the door while Dupe snuck further under the table.
“Uncle Collins,” Linda greeted the tall, broad shouldered and athletic man who appeared at the door.
“How are you,” he replied. He came into the room, and ordered the two uniformed men who came with him to stand guard outside the door.
“Dupe, come out from under that table and meet my uncle, Colonel Collins.” Linda said to Dupe.
“Now, I want you to narrate everything that happened from the beginning,” Col. Collins said when Dupe came out from under the table.
Dupe narrated everything to him and Colonel Collins hung on every word.
“Actually, we’ve being trailing this group for the past seven years. They are a group of wealthy men in the academic, political, business, entertainment and sports arena of this country. They specialize in using young girls for rituals to renew their wealth and power.
“They usually get greedy young girls who are into prostitution and invite them to their parties with the promise of thousands of Naira. They thereafter take these girls to remote locations and murder them,” Colonel Collins explained.
Dupe nodded her head. “That’s true.”
“But the irony,” Col. Collins continued, “is that we have never been able to get the identity of the people involved in this occult network. But now that you have seen them and are able to identify them, the case is solved. I guarantee you absolute security because the president of this country has given me every support possible to squash this deadly cabal.” he finished.
“Yes I can name them. I have to avenge the death of all the girls,” Dupe said and she began to weep.
She thought of the thousands of student prostitutes in the universities round the nation. Some were into it because of poverty. Some were into it just to have fun. Some were into it propelled by sheer greediness. Whatever reasons they had, aristo was definitely a bad thing. She could see that clearly now. IT WAS A GAME OF LIFE AND DEATH!
She thought of all the men that had climbed atop her and debased her womanhood. All the strange men that had come at strange hours to steal her pride, one after the other. All for miserable crumbs of cash. And Col. Collins had said they’d been trailing the cult for over seven years. Seven years! She could only imagine the number of corpses of young girls the cabal must have left behind in their trail.
“Let’s go,” Col. Collins said to them after making a few phone calls, and led the way. As they stepped outside to the corridor, the two uniformed men walked in front. Suddenly, one of them held his chest and went down on one knee. A red map began to spread out all over his shirt; and the other agent drew his weapon. He aimed at a pile of cardboard boxes in his front and fired three shots in quick succession. The bullets ricocheted off the wall and suddenly a body dropped to the ground with a loud thud. The agent put two more bullets into the already lifeless body and suddenly there was a cough from beyond the wall.
“Don’t shoot. I’m coming out!” a voice said and Ajigi jaga appeared with a large AK 47 rifle in his hand.
“Ahhh,” Dupe shrieked. “This man was there yesterday!” she screamed in fear and attempted to run away. In her blinding fear and panic, instead of running away from Ajigi jaga, she ran to him.
He grabbed her, and held her tightly round the waist. He pointed her towards the colonel, and put the gun to her head. “This girl has to die today. If you love your life, take that girl and walk away from here before it’s too late,” he said to Col. Collins.
“Do you know who I am? Obviously, you don’t. Ehn ehn....young man, you will be the one to die today if you’re not careful. I am Col. Collins with the SSS. Now, hand the girl over,” Col. Collins replied.
“I don’t bloody care. Do you know who I work for? What this girl has seen? The soap of the oracle of wealth has been rubbed on her, and so she has to die today unless the consequence.......ehn, the consequence will be disastrous,” Ajigi jaga said.
“What the hell are the consequences? Let that girl go and I promise to let you go free. And for your information, I know who you work for. Chief Taylor, right? Don’t be surprised man, I know a lot about you. Your boss is going down son, and it’s your choice whether or not you go down with him,” Col. Collins said.
“No! If that girl sees the sunset today, do you know how many people will die? How many empires will collapse? Her blood has to be drained into the calabash of wealth before sunset. You don’t seem to know the magnitude or the power of the people I work for,” Ajigi jaga said clearly agitated and held Dupe tighter.
“People like the Chief Justice of Nigeria, even the Director General of SSS right? Yeah, I know,” the Colonel said.
Just then Ajigi jaga shot at the Colonel and ran down the stairs.
The colonel had sensed his move before he made it, so he pulled Linda down with him and the bullet slammed into the other agent standing beside them.
“Stay back Linda,” he commanded Linda and ran after Ajigi jaga. He saw him as he was about to put Dupe into a Honda Accord, and he drew his pistol. With utmost precision and skill, he neatly put two bullets into Ajigi jaga’s head. The first bullet went through his cerebrum cortex and crushed his cerebrum leaking a hideous mess of grey matter. The second bullet pulverized the remainder of his brain, and the head basically imploded in a swirl of red mist.
“I told the bastard. That cocksucker wasted two of my best agents, damn.” Col. Collins said to his pistol and ran towards Dupe.
{the end}

Tofarati Ige (GT) is a versatile entertainer. He sings, raps, acts, writes, comperes amongst other things.
He is the Chief Executive Entertainer (CEE) of Grand Tycoon Entertainment.
He has two published books, TOWN CRIER and ORIKI (PRAISE POETRY).