THE MUSIC OF LOVE: a poem by Opeezy Mr Money

The music of love sounds like melodious fantasy
drives and move mind like spiritual hennessy
for a loving mind swims in the pool of roxy but
only few people know to love is so amazing
I was once asked concerning the difference between love and hatred
Love is like nokia connecting people
Hatred is like boko-haramtical venom terminating people
Why does it seem that hatred is so great
while love is very strong and emotional
the load of love is heavy to bear and, that same love is lighter than air
Account of hatred make big news headlines, regurgitating, trojarvliting and, collaborating
in publication of black-femious magazines, riding on a poisonous limousine
While action of love you must look hard to find
But when you consider that
Love is patient, kind, envieth not, slow to anger, not pompous
think no evil, rejoice not in wrong doing but, rejoice in truth
bears all things, believe all thing, hope all things, endures all things and never fails
You will know that the density of love is much...
In these season of valentine, valentino love dribbles my heart like a player
Remoulds my moon like bricklayer
Asking me to tell you not to be a betrayer
Love is nokia; "connecting people"
Love is like Pepsi;
"ask for more"
Love is like legend;
"express yourself"
Love is like Guinness;
"brings out the action in you"
For the journey of love begins when there is a vibration of caring.
Opeezy Opeoluwa a.k.a. Mr Money is a Poet who is known for his big "grammer"... He hopes to create his own dictionary someday.