BE BLESSED is a quarterly Poetry and sundry talent event organized by EGC in conjunction with ORDER! The idea behind it is to provide an avenue where upcoming and already established talents will be brought together showing their skills with spiritual, national, and personal consciousness. In establishing this mission we also hope to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Contribute to creation of poetry/spoken words/talents industry in Nigeria. 
  2. Help continuity by discovering and inspiring upcoming talents to continue from where the present talents may stop.
  3. Serve as a spiritually sensitive tool: other creative industries like movie and comedy have their spiritually inclined sections, why not poetry too? After all poetry is spiritual. 
  4. Be a voice on national issues: it is not news that many of Nigeria’s greatest poets are politically inclined; Be Blessed shall also focus on how we can use poetry to inspire sanity in Nigerian political terrain.
  5. Link the talents we discover up by connecting with other similar events across the country: without various similar events connecting, we may just be achieving individual success but not industrial success
  6. Create room for mentorship/improvement: this will be achieved better when the upcoming talents perform under the same roof with the established ones and learning in the process. The established talents too will have room to see what some upcoming talents are doing better and improve their skills in the process. 
  7.   Arrive at a situation where poets can live on their talents: if musicians, actors, comedians, and other talents can live on their talents, poets can achieve same. The final agenda of Be Blessed is to aid realisation of this situation.
The event started in Lagos with Poetry/music/comedy performances from people such as Enigmatic Olumide, Olulu, Matthew Adedoyin, Mc Sly, Yommy Bishop, Simeon, etc. And the second edition which was held at UI Zoo in Ibadan featured those who performed on stage for the first time such as Dara Aderemi and OTB alongside names like Funmi Aluko, Street Poet, Servio Gbadamosi, Femi Amogunla, Ajankoro, and many more.

Some people have asked why we moved the event to Ibadan and our answer is simple. Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa: we have events like this in Lagos and Abuja; if Ibadan is also put on the “map” I bet it will complement what we have in other places and our voices will be heard better.

With this we invite you to be a part of this project. If you have a talent you should be “unlimited”!

The next edition, tagged "Stars Arising", holds at UI Zoo on 13th July 2013 (by 1:00Pm). 

To see pictures of last edition  Click here

For enquiries, please call 07034198264, 07025723547 or mail


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