Well, it all started with a crazy idea of not just writing and keeping the poems, until it began to serve as an online celebration of Talents thing and a means of appreciating the works of one another. The 31 Days of Poetry has gone a long way in linking up many poets and inspiring some others in the past two years. This year’s event will be similar to how we did it last year, but who knows what this poetic activity of ours will yield for us? We are in the internet age; you can’t tell at all!

As 31 Days of Poetry 2013 is to be held in August, stay tuned as we post, share, read, and catch fun together with 31 Dexterous poets from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Russia, and USA.

We trust you will join us in reading, sharing online, and of course connect with these poets: we must confess however that some of them have been tagged the best Poets around, while some others are regarded as Poets who will take over the world very soon. Feel free to contact us if you need them for your events, better still, check their links.

To view Poets featured last year, please click their links below:

Day 1: Bob Ekat - Tears From an Old Man's Eyes 
Day 2: Myne Whitman - The Great Con
Day 3: Femi Falodun - Little Drops 

Once again, stay tuned for 31 Days Of Poetry 2013... Make comments on the poems and join us in sharing on social media.  For inquiries call +2347034198264 or mail olumide.bisiriyu@gmail.com