31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 10- SAYONARA- by Yomi Akinlaja

As I look deeply into your blue eyes all I feel is pain 
I can’t denyI’m still captivated with the beauty of your smile
So if all we really have is tonight let’s do things lovers do all night
Let me place my head on chest and feel your deep sigh
Darling please play with my hair and tells me all is well

We can go to the beach I don’t mind
If it’s Lekki, Eleko, Sultan I just want to get wet
So if tomorrow never comes babe is alright
As long as I wake with your smell in my airtight
I love your natural fragrance and I know you like mine
So if tomorrow is not sure
Let’s make of this night what forever would have been
Touch me dear where no other man has ever been
Wrap me up in your arms let me know I’m loved
Hold me close to your heart let me know it beat for my love

With the dawn of a new dayI look beside me and you’re gone
Your face filled with a permanent peace and smile
The body that kept me warmed last night now cold when I touch
One day for sure we would meet to part no more
Though CANCER have taken you from me but I know your heart I still own.

So since tomorrow is filled with this emptiness
I will strongly hold on to what we once had
I will tell my children, children’s of our love tales by moonlight
But to you my love I say from deep within my heart
Till we meet again----GOODNIGHT, REST WELL and SA-YO-NA-RA

Yommy Akinlaja is budding writer who describes herself as a banker by day & whatever God wants her to be the rest of her time. She discovered pen and pad early in life & she's a great believer on what a mind can sometimes come up with, no wonder her favourite quote is 'cogito ego sum'... "I think therefore I live."


  1. Wow,Yomi, this is something that hits right in the heart!..
    Beautiful, sad, and deep... Thank you for being you...

  2. This is great and inspiring....more grace.


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