31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 11- PSALM 151- by Thickcode

Get the tip before you sleep
Dry your eyes please don’t weep
Remember the 11th commandment "Thou shalt not slip"
On a slippery ground they are watching you like a clip
Because they love to see blood on your lip.
Life too deep, do your thing and flip
But look before you leap and check before you skip
If not the time just don’t beep
Relax your mind and take a sip
Always remember what you sow you reap
One secret for you to keep
You are a shining star so let them peep
Move and move beyond like a jeep
uncountable happiness for you to keep....

Thickcode a.k.a. Tunde Dike is an artist and a poet based in Ibadan, Nigeria. He writes with a spiritual undertone, but does not restrict himself; he loves listening to Hip Hop, spoken word, and poetry. This indigene of Imo State takes a quote from Nasir Jones as his favourite quote, “No idea is original.” His favourite poet is QwantuAmaru.


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