31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 16- DREAM- by Enigmatic Olumide

In my dreams I saw you
In the morning, even at dawn
You were the prayer I said at bed times
Any other dream would make my furious times

How I longed to see you again
After you looked back and winked a goodbye
Yes, we met at the club in Ikeja
But  your demeanor makes you a Church girl

Like the girl I dated while in school
You treat me so nice I kept asking for more
Any other girl never came so close
If only I see them, I hate them when you come

Had I hesitated when I saw you again
Maybe I’d write this poem for a stage play
With me as the director or sitting as a guest
Now though I sit here I see me in this play

The beautiful moments were never mine to taste
Even at night you give me no way
Cuddling the pillow and screaming in your dream
Now I’ve found out he was the man in your dream

He came by last night to drop you a note
I couldn’t wait for him to leave so I could see it all
It was a DNA test and my son was his
I couldn’t believe my eyes but I had to act fast

When I woke up in the hospital my body ached
I guess that man must have beaten me so bad
But then I thought back and recalled the dream
My wife was right there relaying what the doctor said

Enigmatic Olumide Bisiriyu is a multi-gifted fellow who discovered his love for Poetry/writing early enough. He writes Poetry, Fiction, Songs, Acts stage drama, and has been featured in some films. Though he has been writing since he was in Primary school (just for fun), he started keeping record of his poems in 1999. He started Spoken word/performance poetry while in school, at a Redeemed Christian Fellowship conference, in year 2004. Little wonder he has performed more of Christian/faith based/inspirational poetry than secular poetry. He has performed at events such as Celebrity Read, Chill n Relax, Word Up, Artmosphere, book presentation of ‘If Yu Hie Se A De Prizin’, ‘Epistle of Sex’, ‘Echoes in the Web’, Poetry of love, etc. His performances cut across various states in Northern and Western Nigeria, in Creative gatherings, book presentations, and Churches. In 2011, he was a founding member of a poetry group who performs in churches under an umbrella called CODE. He also goes on an annual Poetry Tour of Churches; an event organized by Order- a network he coordinates.
    Olumide was the first NYSC member to publish a book in north-west Nigeria and the second member in entire northern Nigeria (according to National Library of Nigeria). His blog, The Enigmatic, was nominated twice in the Nigerian Blog Awards as Most Inspirational and Best Personal in year 2011 and 2012 respectively. He is the CEO of EGC, a company he formed to participate in the promotion of fellow creative people. Aside creativity, he works as a Real Estate Professional. To find more about him please visit The Enigmatic Website.


  1. Lost in d dream.

    A Nice piece frm d master himself.

    Shey ko walee?

  2. Love the story: apocalyptic, enticing, alluring, keeps attention like horror movie. Beautiful

  3. I love this poem.


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