31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 19- ME IN HIStory- by Street Poet

GOD’S pen paints my limbs and skin with melanin 
Melanin the black pigment sets me in for enrichment
Enrichment by GOD with the price paid by CHRIST
CHRIST the LORD the reason of my worship
Worship the king HE endorsed my son-ship
Son-ship in HIM even in hardship
Hardship a challenge for a new story
Story of how CHRIST rose to glory
Glory in how blacks made a story
Story of CHRIST in blacks is holy
Holy is the king who fed us in the camp
Camp for blacks not porch monkeys
Monkeys? But donkeys are beast of burden
Burden is surging slows you while racing
Racing with colours in the race
Race not for the swift with time and space it’s been proved
Proved by GOD the giver of strength
Strength for man to outrun horse
Horse to transport man
Man to serve GOD
GOD to bless man
Man to worship GOD
GOD to receive glory
                                          Glory to GOD who paints my skin and limb with melanin to put me in HIStory.

Street Poet, also known as Olajide Olateju is a rapper; MC, poet, and spoken word artist who grew up listening to different genre of music, but rap/hip hop became more interesting to him. Rap became a verse in his mouth, and as a result, he became a "whiz" kid in the block, miming other MC's rap and people would watch him do the rap in the environment where he grew up. He is presently promoting his musical album, which was launched in USA In July 2013.         

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