The first time we met,
I was the "new kid on the block".
Everyone else had formed their alliances,
And my arrival was a shock.
There were the Brits and Americans;
The Greeks and Jews;
And even the brown skinned ones too.
But there was just me;
Alone; different,
Yet you took to me like glue.

We fitted together like peas in a pod.
My rough exterior against your warm, soft sole.
You formed an impression on me,
An indelible mark that would not go.
The longer we hung together,
The deeper the marks were,
Until you had been so etched into me
That even when you were not with me
It felt like you were there.

I soon got used to you,
Your ways; plays and even how your most intricate hair sways.
You formed an impression on me,
Deep in the fabric of my skin.
There were crevices and corners that were yours,
Places only you have been.
You knew me within and without,
And even in the darkest of nights, you'd find me.
Your appendages, eagerly seeking me out until they embraced me.

They said we wouldn't last,
I'd soon be a thing of the past,
And I thought they were wrong and mistaken.
But the truth dawned on me; as sure as can be,
When my health suddenly started failing.
It happened so suddenly,
One minute we were running happily,
And the next we were flat on our backs.
The next thing I knew, you had a new shoe,
That was able to do what I could not do.

And now I am left alone,
Banished; Abandoned; Confined,
Under this bed,
Doomed to watch you fit into something else besides my head.
I watch you run and play with another,
Fitting into it so perfectly.
While I am stuck here,
Alone and broken,
A useless, cut, bathroom slipper.
Doomed to a life of dust and human hair,
Hidden from the world; under the bed.

I look out and see you romance another like me,
Your toes holding him how you used to hold me,
And I am filled with jealousy and hate.
But a smile creeps up my chin,
As a laugh brews from within,
For I remember that I already know his fate.


Ronke O’tega has always referred to herself as a writer. Yet she recently discovered her great strength in performance poetry. She has been writing for as long as she can remember and she hopes to keep writing throughout her life. She writes a bit on all the genres and also likes to call herself a creative junkie. A lot of different things inspire her work. She is currently a final year student in the Department of Communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan.