31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 20- DREAM- by Yuriy Grigoryants

Black turban on adorable
Kinky hair,
Smooth flowing gown
And silver caress
Fine brown skin...
Majesty mixed with joy
A diamond like smile
African Queen.
She dreams of love
Her legs crossed to hold
The peace
Who could resist
Beautiful fist
Against her breast
Her heart is
About to explode

I am totally bought
By the sight of her
Big earrings,
Her long slender beautiful neck
And the cool about her...

What the heck?
Am I any worse
Than anyone else?
Is there someone
In her heart?

Someone else other than me.
I would kiss
This Miss Bliss
Even her lovely and warm belly...
(And below...)

To her I would say:
“I want to be your lover”
And what if I added, “UTANIOA?”*
“Will you marry
And she'd responded:
“Yes, I agree...”

Smile, drink, dream,
A smoky mirror of
What is far away...

Maybe Kenya,
Maybe Harlem,
Maybe Montego Bay,
Or maybe a small town
In the far south of USA...
* - Swahili©

   Yuriy Grigoryants is a spoken word artist, writer, poet who currently resides in San Antonio, TX.

   Yuriy was born in Russia and started writing poetry, songs and performing on stage while in his first college. He emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1998 and spent 11 years in New York where he took a hiatus before moving to San Antonio in 2009. In 2010, Yuriy started to write and perform in English. He regularly attended open mic events and read poems at local radio stations. To his surprise, he received quite a warm reception from the people of San Antonio.

   Returning to poetry was quite therapeutic and challenging, as English is not his native language. However, the revived passion for writing, spoken word and acting made this “cross-over” happen.

   Yuriy is on his way to becoming a full-time writer/spoken word artist. He recently collaborated on a show by the sculptor Hebron Chism, of San Antonio, called “When Two Tribes Meet.” This show was the blending of two “tools” together; brush and pen. Artists and poets united for this special event. (when2tribesmeet.tribekaniteare.com)

   Yuriy  also released his first book of poetry and short stories entitled “Burnt Lips,” on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions, on October 21, 2012.


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  2. A scintillating and an amazing legend of his pen. My respect my lord.


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