31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 24- DOUBLES- by Olarewaju Metamofosis

Swift wind of mandate spewed
from the clefts of the Berbers’lips                                                                                                    from Mediterranean, across the scarps of the deserts 
where caravans on murram by peregrination                                                                         
hauled the pedigree of Allah. 
From Fezzan to Bilma, the brittle minds
of ebony blacks were dazed.                                                                                                     Kanem could not revolt the surge. 
Faraway legions from the Eastern region 
wrestled in the name of religion.
The war clung the base of daggers, 
spears beguiled the Holy War. 
While muzzled donkeys nodded
to the clubs of Dan Fodio,
the Kafirs nosed their ways into the swamps. 
Quaint vessels of atavistic rites
thrashed and threshed in the threads 
of the moving sea, 
the sea of elimination.
In the twilight of centuries,
behold, we heard of a Lion’s roar 
from the soils of Judah 
but our Leopard reprised. 
The Lion took another shape some latter years,
the Lion that had roamed and roared through  
the Rome to the Celtic plains became a Heifer. 
The pious Prelates with popish pledge 
flanked by thick-whiskered metropolitan Slavers 
in petticoats embarked the ships of history 
upon the blue Atlantic. 
Black tsetse flies and mosquitoes warred
but the Prelates and Masters did not decline. 
Treasures came before the guns,  
subjugation came with mission. 
Then, the Leopard King with the lids of 
rustic specks whose hands never shook 
embraced the lily hands of the Heifer.
The Heifer morphed to its Lion self  
and gripped the Leopard’s pouch, 
Heifer no more. 
Double wars double-clicked on the mouse of Africa,
on the mind of Nigeria!
The Repatriates spread the Word, 
the rites of the Pagans we heard no more, 
in the damp forests of yore forgone.
Mother Nigeria,
now you have two strange twins estranged, 
sucking from your torrid breasts: 
the twins you never born, 
the twins adopted by threat and plea. 
Will you drop one for one
or acquaint their faces in chumminess?                                                                            
We heard of bomb in Mandalla, 
Haramites claimed the gore. 
The Southern Krios threatened reprise 
Fakirs fled the South.                                                                                                                        
           Mother Nigeria,
you bear doubles in your seeds, 
doubles in the cranium of your brain.
Will you drop one for one
or acquaint their gazes in chumminess 
the dangling twos,
or the dyads of your consciousness? 


Hails from the North Central state of Kwara, Olayiwola Olarewaju Metamofosis straddles the Northern and the Southern perspectives of the Nigerian spectral views. A Yoruba by origin, he imbibes the philosophical conscience of universal citizenship. He had his first degree in ObafemiAwolowo University where he bagged Bachelor of Arts in Literature in English. Olayiwola is a writer: a novelist, a poet, a critic, a philosopher, and a Romantic. His works dwell on mysteries and mysticisms of nature, grandeur, beauty, dream, melancholy, solitariness and journeys.  His poetry undulates in emotional flows, sequined with elegant and redolent language, rhythm and musicality.