31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 27- GRANDPA DICK- by Kukogho Samson

Pin the man down, don't mind his pleas!
Yes, pull his trouser down his knees!
Didn't he do same to young Eunice?
Yes, today, Justice we’ll release!

Drag him naked through the streets!
Let’s make his phallus girls’ eye treat!
Grandfather Dick, he has no shame!
Old dame and babe to him is same.

We could tumble him down the hill!!!
Don't speak to me of law and courts
They’ll never pay him for the hurts
And the deep scars that’ll never heal.

How many have been caught before?
See, I alone have witnessed four:
Two walked home free, one left the town,
The last, jailed brief, now wears a crown!

Grandpa, you’ll have to pardon me
Since this same penis steals your wit
It seems to me, you don't need it!
Today, the last of it you’ll see!

KukoghoIruesiri Samson was born in Aiyetoro, Ile Ife, in 1984 as the third in a family of four children who grew up in different parts of Nigeria. He speaks Yoruba, Hausa, and a spattering of Igbo, Nupe and Urhobo languages. He was the 2nd best graduating student from Mass Communication department in the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) in 2007.He also completed certificate course in Dramatic Film Making at the National Film Institute Jos in 2006 and in 2007 was awarded the Tony Iredia scholarship to attend a course in Intensive Television production at the NTA Television College Jos. Kukogho started writing poetry in 2001, and in September 2003, some of his poems were published in the New Nigerian Newspapers. His poems have been published in several platforms like NaijaStories, Pilot Newspaper, Entourage Magazine, ViaGrapevine (eBook) and Sentinel Magazine amongst others.He was one of the invited poets at the 1st Abuja 100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change event held in Abuja in 2012.In the same 2012, his poem ‘Where is The Breathe of Fresh Air’ won the ‘Orange Crush 1st Prize for Poetry 2012’.In August 2012, after a few personal successes in the field of poetry, Kukogho realized how much poetry is under appreciated in Nigeria, and decided to create a platform to help other young talents in Nigeria (and around the world); he started Words Rhymes and Rhythm a  Community of Poets WRRPoetry http://wordsrhymesandrhythm.wordpress.com/ (www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry) to bring together young, unpublished writers. He also started the VerseUp movement (Angry Poets 4 Women in 2013: Verse Up Against Women Abuse http://angrypoets4women.wordpress.com (www.facbook.com/VerseUpAgainstWomenAbuse). The VerseUp initiative is based on using poetry to fight violence and all forms of abuse against women.
Kukogho derives his inspiration from the things around him; pictures, songs, people, stories, personal experiences and situations.  Most of his poems preach change in society and he has been dubbed a ‘social poet’ by his peers. He is currently a multimedia journalist/web administrator for a leading national newspaper based in Abuja. He blogs at http://www.brainypoet.blogspot.com and uses the @BrainyPoet handle on Twitter and Facebook where his poems have a large following.


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