31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 5- AFRICA- by Uche Uwadinachi

Land where drifting clouds
Would wait to greet clans
Like colorful native drummers
Stop at huts to praise heads
The open arena of rippling fists
Men knot arms, knees, brows
In bare-ground wrestling match
Curved waist maidens dearly gaze
At packed balls locking horns
Mothers pray victory clutch their breast
The fathers drown in long old memories
Children floors themselves hungry for age
Rams hissed at such odd battle rules
That must require a ring and referee
Home-groomed farmland
Where taste testifies life
In the raw birth of the soil
Seeds sown, heart filled
Craft school that brand palm fonts
Into adoring furniture, exterior decors
Making every home a palace of its own
And the market, a boundless trade fair
For far-land-feet seeking best make
Oh home!
My fountain of never fading pen
Script that always find papers
Lessons raising free reasoning
Resolving deafened questions.

Uche Uwadinachi is a performance poet and the author of poetry collections, “SCAR in the HEART of pain”. He was the 1st Prize winner of ANA Lagos Poetry Performance Festival (LASPOFEST)Prize 2006, 1st prize winner June ‘Poetrycraze’contest 2009, 2nd Prize Poetry Winner of Ken Saro-Wiwa Contest USA 2010, 2nd runner-up in the National Poetry Slam Competition 2012 and 3rd prize winner for poetry at the FNL POETRY Competition 2012. His poem has been published in the ‘Lime Jewel’ collection London 2010.


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