This life can be filthy funny
A man grooves and feels lucky
Is deluded by big money
Smokes and drinks things yucky
Fills the brain with stuffs and feels woozy
Feels fly, picks a skirt that’s like real ruby
Oblivious she’s a freaking floozy
Winds up in bed, wakes up and turns moody

This life can be a mighty mystery
You swim in affluence today, tomorrow, misery
You’re a merchant ruler of republic
Yet you can be a pauper among the public
The plant had been green yesterday
It beats my instincts to see it grey
A condemned prisoner stormed the town
Got into politics and won the crown

O, this life can be torridly tempting
One works the earth looking really dirty
Yet can’t feed, but never relenting
Choosing to ignore the shady, enchanting plenty
But someday, his gold will be ready
His hands will be shown mercy
It surely will release its blessings

This life can be a prickling puzzle
You use your wits, not your muscle
The end could be a great gamble
A million voices striving in a babble
It looks bleak from every angle
Like one thick tacky tangle
You always strive to escape its shackles
Yet it goes around you in circles

Ah! This life can be blissfully blazing
Its plentiful pleasures, appealingly amazing
Earthly ecstasy, so overflowingly raging
That we struggle to hold on even if aging
Euphoric passion sweeter than youthful mating
A whirlwind of delirium above human rating
In all, life is a mish-mash of human cravings
Rule your world and stop slaving

Bob Ekat is the author of “Tears from an Old Man’s Eyes”, and the winner of the Sentinel Centre Performance Poetry Prize.  He is a co-initiator of the Pen Society, a literary organization which searches and refines new voices.  He has performed at notable poetry platforms, such as Word Slam, Word up, Poetry Potter, Soul Storm, the US Consulate’s Read it loud, and the Black Heritage Festival.  He was contracted to write and perform a poem for Coca Cola at its 125th global anniversary.