COUPLE: a poem by Stephen Adinoyi

The freshness of her touch
I sweetly munch
She mutters a moan
Mine is like a groan
When I am coming
Real and refreshing

She stands satisfied
But I unsatisfied
She says no more
Fore me till morn

“You are my wife
The love of my life
Don’t cut short my desire
I am still on fire”

She says “No”
And ready to be my foe
Cos she has no more water
To quench my fire
She shouts “That is the truth!”
I become mute

Then she sleeps
But my feeling is deep
I untie the wrapper
And enter
She wake and cry
Frown and sigh
I keep on till I come
The fire is now gone
She vows to jail me for life
But she is my wife
Can one rape his wife?

Stephen Adinoyi is a poet, lyricist, play write, short story writer and scriptwriter. He is a graduate of mass communication, a consultant in human resource development, print media and educational related services.


  1. What a poem! The poem lambasts the crass hypocrisy feminism.

  2. Hmm. Quite thoughtful and powerful entry sir. This is a good one. Two thumps up and a ginger erl to go. You can catch me on


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