DREAM MAKER by SAGE HASSON: a book you should read.

He is known as the biggest Spoken Word Poet in Nigeria. But do you know he is blessed with the ability to tell you stories that will keep you glued to your sits? Pick up your purse, take a bike if you can’t get a taxi, and join the lot to buy Sage Hasson’s latest book called “Dream Maker”… Oh! It’s easier now: why don’t you get it on Amazon?

The book, which was published in August 2013 by Hot Coffee Publishing Ltd, is a fable written in the tradition of other great works of the ilk that precede it. It is a story that ensconces the broad spectrum of truth and wisdom hidden in creation and discovered by sages and scripted in hearts and great books. It is a book containing the wisdom of the ages simply recounted by an older wise teacher to his wards.

Dream Maker deals with the very base of universality, creation and success via enumerating and treating this knowledge through everyday occurrences and as seen in the natural elements of life. Baba and Da are the main characters who reside in a mythical city called Saga supposedly built and established by an old king Solomon for the purpose of finding and developing knowledge. The story is of the love of Baba and Da and how Baba weaves deep wisdom in the daily life expression in order to teach.

The book is a fable full of fables and stories told by Baba all in an attempt to teach. It’s a mental, emotional and spiritual journey into self and its parallel - the universe.