KINGS: a poem by Giwa Expensive

Past is past
Present is past tense
That future tense is our noun now
Combined with the preposition of a life time
Many came and gone
Look into the mirror dribble your mind and see what you've been seeking for so long

Richard made things feel alright for all negro
As a black boy he 'ever allowed hunger ate up his identity like an egg-roll
All eyes on Afro-rappers when traveling to California hoping they would meet him-Shakur
Haters of world out laws
Young lad with illustrious voice, speaking to speak the truth been stuck for

He fought for our right before he was hanged up- Saro Wiwa
We still feel the anguish letter bomb of our likable- Dele Giwa
Low degree, highest level defender hated by top most feller- Fawehinmi
A man of great humanity

Anikulapo warned us to stay away from mislead teachers
we all turned deaf ear for he analyse the truth with weeds and woman
Now if I check your memory card and catalogue I will find his music
Look at you crying over omen that has been told, for how long?

God bestow us Soyinka, he that built his library in our hearts
TLTJ is the best work apart from 'the years of childhood'
Which no librarian is impudent to take away from the shelf of our heart
These straight talk on various king acquire me great joy with hope to astonish my mood

Once upon a time Luther had many dream in getting all to the promise land
black-Abraham, a king indeed
'Ut story turned when B.O came with the hope to ride all in a white horse
The man M.C ready to hit with his 'grammar hammer'
lot of beverage and bread in fridge along with investors in belly ross
Oh! King of heaven
it wasn't my intention as I continue to say these- just help me on this path as I bear my cross

Lemme expatiate more about Nnamdi, a guy with a gigantic brain
Mothers use him as example, he never lost focus, "he seeks way"
Same king on the same field
Sanni is a superstition, back in '98 all ears on radio jubilating
'very corner, hey!!! Our fears have gone down shore
And what if I say I won't talk furthermore

Olaitan, your hard-core keep banging youngest CEO
You should have stayed longer 'kade si ma wo oju e'  like that of MKO
There was a country was like there was a town where issues fell apart
This makes me remember my friend Chinua who lends me his idea through knowledge
Yes I got taught 'ut on the day I decided to have him in house my dough tore apart

Nelson was the next thing? A question I asked on the day of his journey to prison
A king I’m always proud about, not alien eating our flesh and bones making us feel abate
What do we do? Folding arms won't help those young kings
whose hunger has turned out of their dreams and wish
Here they're on this carnage platform with the hope for sweet cake and sandwich

I am not a donor to your confusion, rejection, premonition and vituperation; here is my gift
Forsake all false king of this world, two wives at my door step Blessing and Mercy
and make sure you get yours from the king of kings


Giwa Expensive aka Giwa Oluwaseyi Matthew is a Student, Spoken Word Poet, and a Photographer. He is a young man whose hobbies are reading, writing, making friends, traveling and cooking.