LONELY: a poem by Iquo DianaAbasi Eke

I hear your voice
Shrouded like an echo
Entrapped in the crash of waves at sea
Technology pulls you close to me
But all I do is long for more

The musky scent of you fills my nostrils:
In the bathroom
In the bedroom
I smell you on once soiled sheets
Sheets that speak of spent passion
On this sanctuary where our love sprouted companionship
And harvested offspring

There is an echo in my heart
Violent waves crashing to shore
The sea stretches between us
But my love stretches farther
Taut and steadfast

Even as this void in my soul yawns wider
Questions chance upon my wary mind
Questions that bear no answers

On this rainy night
I wonder can you see my tears
Become one with the raindrops
Can you feel my heart beat
In the pulse of that strange land

Does the cold of winter nights
Crowd your sleep with dreams of me
Are your days empty
Your nights filled with longing

A junkie I crave your presence
How long before I see the laughter in your eyes
How far away is the next row
That will spark a sweet re-union
How soon will our souls merge
In this conglomerate of voices

Iquo DianaAbasi Eke is a mother of two kids, the author of 'Symphony of Becoming' and, one of the shortlisted poets for NLNG Poetry Prize 2013. She is a writer, an actress, and a Performance Poet who has featured in events such as Macmillan Literary Night, The Lagos Black Heritage Festival, Word Slam, Lagos Poetry Festival, Word and Sound, etc.


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