BB4, otherwise known as BE BLESSED 4 is an event organized by EGC in partnership with ORDER! The aim is to contribute to promotion of the many talents we have around, bringing a platform where already known and upcoming acts will mingle and perform.

This edition, tagged “One Last Chance”, will be an infusion of many things: a 2 years anniversary for the event, a birthday celebration for 2 of the founders and friends, and an open mic… an opportunity for many more talents to show their skill!

Special Performances will come from:
  • Razaq Ivori: the man with the most sung along Poem in Nigerian spoken Word Poetry Scene. He will come to Ibadan all the way from Lagos. 
  • Street Poet: this man just dropped his musical album. He is a musician and a poet; he mixes both well. He is based in Ibadan and Lagos. 
  • MEC Drama: a drama team from Ota Ogun state. They will be doing something many people have not seen before. 
  • Uche Uwadinachi: An award winning spoken word Poet, well respected by many of his contemporaries. He will be coming from Lagos. 
  • ThickCode: this comedian, artist, and a poet will grab your attention even before stepping on stage. He is one of the best Ibadan based spoken word Poets. 
  • Don Witty & PTA: these comedians will have to take caution lest they crack people’s ribs on that day. 
  • Kukogho Iruesiri Samson: the orange crush poetry award winner will be coming to Ibadan all the way from Abuja. If you have not bought his book, better to use this opportunity to grab a copy. 
  • Endy: a guitarist per excellence. He will usher us into soul touching musical interludes. 
  • Servio Gbadamosi: he hosts the monthly literary event in Ibadan called Artmostphere. Yet he stands among the leading poets in Ibadan. 
  • Enigmatic Olumide: not a newcomer to the spoken word-poetry scene, he will be doing what he loves doing as usual.
  • Ogbeni Femi: this poet will be doing the uncommon on that day, mixing performance poetry with the role of a Master of ceremony.
Many more marvelous Poets will also grace the stage, like OTB, Yommy Bishop, Eagles Voice, Clementina, Sotanmide, and more.

Paparazzi Time is 1:00pm, while actual event starts 2:00pm. Date is Saturday 26th October 2013 & Venue is Zoological Gardens, University of Ibadan.

Please note that this event is FREE, but UI Zoo takes N200 entry fee into the Zoo from individuals, and N100 form students with Id card.

For enquiries please mail or call 07034198264, 08054123626.

This event is proudly supported by Nigerian Tribune ArtHouse, CreativeHub, Skills Magazine, Global Harvest Confectionaries, BreadPlus & IConcept.


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